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The best Company For Moving Your Piano At Low Cost

Few Reason Why You Should Choose Us?

Moving your piano can be a daunting task. Especially if you do not know how to move them. Here at, Burghoundinasia, we take piano moving task very seriously. Here are few reason why you should consider choosing us ->

Experience Workers

  • Our piano moving team is experienced so that you do not have to worry

Budget Friendly Low Cost Moving Company

  • We are specialized in grand piano or medium sized piano as well
  • What about the cost? Well, we believe that our low cost service is something anyone can afford and thus make us happy to serve you better

Helping Agent As You Go

  • We are available for you anytime.
  • If you need any assistance, you can contact us anytime during our working hours.

We can help you to move your piano by city. Select the area in the below:

a company is transferring a grand piano from one place to other place

Don't trust just any "movers" with your piano.

We exclusively move pianos. All of our equipment and trucks are designed for this purpose.

We have the best hard working team at your disposal so that you can be at peace of your mind.

Checklist For A Good Moving Comapny

There are hundreds of company out there who can pretend to move your piano. But how can you know it will pay off in the long run? How can be sure that you are in the good hand of a good moving company? Here is a simple checklist to ensure that - 

  • Have experienced worker so that you do not get burned
  • Provide a lost cost service and negotiation.
  • have toll free number or email support all the time
  • Have branch in your city.

Our Recent Blog Post


We know that you still have something in mind. so here it is. We are presenting some frequently asked question about piano movers in Utah city and other.

A) Do you Move only Piano?

Answer : Yes. at this moment, we are only moving piano only.

B) Where do you have services?

Answer : We have currently branch in Utah and New York. We are planning to expand our business in the entire country. We will let you know when it's done.

C) What are the cost of a moving a piano?

Answer : well, we are glad you asked. but it all depends on various factor. Like from where you want to move or how much is the total destination, or it could possibly be ​the actual weight of the piano etc.

D) I am interested. How can I contact you?

Answer : Simply​ email us via our contact form or call us here